Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2012!? UPDATE

I cannot believe it's been nearly one whole year since I've blogged! <---- WHO DOES THAT!? (Oh wait, apparently I do!)

So once again I am making an attempt to make my way back to the "blogosphere" and keep record of the happenings that go on in the lives of the Gentry's!  It's a shame to say that in my lack of blogging I missed out  on documenting an entire pregnancy, preparation and arrival of our second son Xavier, transitioning into being unemployed and becoming a stay at home mom, along with numerous other updates and happenings in our world.

My goal is to retro blog about the milestones and important life events that have taken place in the last 9 months or so, bare with me as this will be an adventure :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Year Ending...

2012 is less than 30 days away!!!  This past year has been filled with ALOT... in May we lost my grandmother, we moved back to Kentucky in June, celebrated birthdays (Ricas and I both turned 29, Caileb turned 3), welcomed a new baby to our friend circle (congrats Toni & Carrington), and I personally was able to cross a few things off my bucket list (I will write about that later).

But as the 2011 draws to a close there are so many things that I am reminded of... one being how much I miss Tennessee on a regular basis.  I  never thought that I could miss a place that wasn't "home," but it clearly goes to show that home is where the heart is and our hearts were in Tennessee for 4 years and I can honestly say that I left a little of my heart with my friends when we left :-/  However, I don't know that I would change our move for the world... it has been great being back in Lexington so close to family and back in our old church.  Although we have not bought a house, we did find one to rent and it has been great being in a place that feels like home.  

Caileb is growing like a weed and is getting smarter every day!  We were able to get him into a great daycare and he is learning so much.  I took him for his first eye exam and they used shapes to evaluate his vision... he knew every shape that he was presented (and they weren't just circles and squares)!  He can also count to 10 in Spanish and has quite an expansive vocabulary and ability to communicate with others.  His love for transportation and music has not changed at all- he is still enthralled when big trucks, emergency vehicles, and "fast" cars are near us!  He is quite tech savvy and often is the culprit of stealing our cell phones to entertain himself.  I am also excited to announce that he is officially potty trained (although this news should have been posted back in May)!  

All in all, we have had a great year!!!  We are preparing to celebrate Christmas with all of our family and friends... I will be sure to update about our Christmas celebration before the year ends :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our Daily Bread...

When I was a little girl I can recall sitting at the dinner table and having to pull a scripture from the "box" and read it before eating.
 This tradition was one that was passed down from my grandparents to their children.  So now that I am a mother and have found that Caileb is completely capable of remembering things I wanted to start teaching him scriptures.  I wanted to take what I remember from growing up a step further... I wanted it to be more than just READING a scripture, I want him to KNOW what the Word says.  So Monday evening (after my mother gave me my childhood promise box) I sat down with Caileb and he chose his scripture card.

After reading the scripture to him I gave him a simpler, "plain language" version to recite... "The Lord is close to the broken hearted. Psalm 34:18"  Each day I ask Caileb to tell me his scripture and we talk about what it means.  My plan is to continue this at least once per week, maybe twice depending upon how well he is able to recall the scriptures he has learned!

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.  Proverbs 22:6

Friday, November 18, 2011

Caileb's 3 Year Old Interview

I found the cutest idea online and decided that I would make it an annual thing for each of Caileb's birthdays.

It was quite enjoyable to hear his responses and, looking back, it's fun to see how much he has changed.

NOTE: I simply asked Caileb the question and have recorded his exact response (grammar and all).

What is your favorite color? red and blue
What is your favorite sport? football, basketball and baseball and soccer
When you grow up, like daddy, what do you want to do? football and basketball and baseball and soccer… and Thomas the Train
What is your favorite thing to watch on your TV? Scooby Doo & Lighting McQueen (Cars), Thomas the Train movie
What is your favorite kind of cake? strawberry
Which toy is your favorite one to play with? Lightening McQueen & Mater
Who is your best friend? Elias (… and daddy… and mommy)
What is your favorite book?  Jesus
Can you tell me a story from the Jesus book?  Jonah got in the whale.  God told Jonah to get out of the belly and get in the boat.  Then Jonah waked up, so the whale couldn’t get to Jonah SO Jonah could go find his brother, mother and daddy. 
What is your favorite food to eat?  tacos
What makes you happy? juice & Chuck-E-Cheese
What is your favorite animal?  Giraffe
What is your favorite thing to do with daddy?  To find songs to sing and fight
What is your favorite thing to do with mommy?  Make popcorns and cakes 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Poop & Pink Eye

So we've been working on potty training for a few weeks now and things are going pretty good.  We've peed in countless Pull Ups, underwear on the floor and even in the potty!  Caileb still insists on telling us after the fact that he has to go potty, but we are making baby steps!  Today we get to spend some mommy & Caileb time together since he has pink eye & cannot go to daycare, and what does Caileb surprise mommy with!?  A POOP IN THE POTTY!!!  Looking back I don't ever think I've been excited about poop, except maybe the time he finally pooped after being constipated for a few days.  It's amazing how much I am concerned about poop that isn't my own now that I'm a mother!

To wrap this up I am so proud of my big boy!  He is growing up so quickly and I just wish I could capture every moment in a life like video that I could revisit.  It seems like just last month I was still on maternity leave and enjoying spending every day at home with our new blessing and his complete dependence on me, his cuddling, and coos.  Now I've got a toddler who is all BOY and nonstop.  There are toys EVERYWHERE in our home, and I have stepped on more match cars and balls than I can count.  I remember when I was in my early twenties I swore that if I ever had a boy he would not get the little toys that I would injure my foot on, and look what happened!  I've had more foot pains from little toys & cars, but I am quickly finding that ALL TOYS are a danger to mothers... tricycles to trip on, big fire trucks to stub a toe on, power wheels that roll over feet and anything else in the path, balls to slip on or be hit with.  But the honest truth is that I wouldn't trade any of it for the world.  I LOVE CAILEB and everything about him!  I love his boyness, his quirks and his personality.

just one of the random things he does daily

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chronicles of the Potty (first 24 hrs)

Take 3...

We have tried this potty training thing with Caileb before, this past summer and right before Christmas, and it was a #failure!  After reading, talking, and observation I decided we'd give it a go... again!  This time we are doing things a little differently- the main difference is that he is in daycare.  They will take him to the potty with the other children that are being trained (I think there are 4 in his room) and I think that this will greatly influence him as he will want to do what the others are doing.  The other difference is that I am more prepared this time.  The previous times it was a decision that I made somewhat on the fly without really looking into his potty patterns or knowing what to do. <---- please do not interpret this as I know what to do, because I am still learning.

At any rate here is our progress so far...
2/9/11 sat on the potty every 15 minutes for 10 minutes until about 9pm when he made a liquid deposit! We put his diaper on for bed and he insisted on putting his underwear on top, so we let him!

2/10/11 Caileb crawled into bed with us early this am and was still dry, but he was still sleep so there was no need to try and get him to sit on the potty sleepy. I said a little prayer and hoped for the best. 7:45 rolled around and we were awake and DRY!!! We did our little morning snuggle, exchanged kisses and talked about how he was going to be a big boy and use the potty today. He was excited and we got up went to the potty and less than 10 second later "I pee peed!" He was beaming and I was thinking, no you didn't go that quick... but he had! 1 marshmallow for Caileb!

There were hi fives, dancing and lots of celebrations- when daddy woke up it was a repeat of the celebration! No telling how we will act when he actually poops in the potty.

Mommies of potty trained boys, please share you experience. What worked? What didn't?

Until next time...

UPDATE (10:30) Potty 3 - Underwear 0

Oh and now Caileb has decided to potty train Mickey Mouse!

UPDATE (12:10) Potty 3 - Underwear 1
Standing at the couch playing and what to my surprise should I hear? Tinkling water on the carpet. Caileb was astonished and immediately looked at me like "what just happened, that was supposed to be in the potty!" Cleaned him up and sat him on the potty, still there (he says he has to poop)!

UPDATE (5:30) Potty 4- Underwear 1 - Diaper 1
Diaper went on and Caileb went down for his nap. He peed (no biggie it's not like we expect him to miraculously stopping peeing in his sleep)! After nap (4:15ish) he sat on the potty for a bit- nothing. We had snack played and back at the potty by 5:20... and he quickly informed me he'd peed and was up quick as lighting for his HI FIVE. I was busy and didn't grab his marshmallow and he didn't even care- he is more interested in the HI FIVE and celebration of it all! I've convinced him to sit back on the potty to try and poop, but no luck yet. He usually goes in the am between 8 and 8:30 but nothing yesterday or today!? Any suggestions on how to deal with pooping on the potty?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

go blue...

It's no secret that we are a family that bleed blue- two different shades (Kentucky & Carolina) but nonetheless BLUE!!!

Saturday we enjoyed breakfast as a family at IHOP (all you can eat pancakes!!!!!!!!) and got our day of to a great start! Let me start by explaining a little bit about Caileb... he meets no strangers (PERIOD). He may act shy, but he loves meeting new people and seeing how much he can charm them ;) We often are out in public and have random people coming up to us to tell us how our son was winking or smiling at them, or how he's been playing peek-a-boo across the way! This day was no different and Caileb made "friends" with several people around us- one couple in particular was an older couple and by the time we stood up to leave, he had charmed the little old woman over! We chatted with the couple for a bit and they complimented how cute and well behaved Caileb was (thank you old couple)and then they proceeded to ask us if we were MTSU fans. Ricas and I looked at each other, quizically, and after a little hesitation I said "well yeah, I guess" (not really sure of what this old man's intentions were). In response he gave us 4 tickets to the Blue Raiders Men's Basketball game last night (hence the title). As a reminder I am a UK fan and Ricas UNC, but it was great fun to spend a night out as a family doing something different from the norm. Since it was a fairly empty arena, we were able to sit just about court side- big plus for Caileb! We enjoyed watching the Blue Raiders play to a victory, although I was far more interested in the very random old gentleman that ran around the arena pausing near various fans to cheer and dance! I can't cross anything off my Bucket List, but MTSU blue is very close to UK blue so I am that much closer to a goal of mine!

the tickets... photographer got them a little blurried (must be his style)

on our way to the game...

he doesn't look quite as happy as i do...

but he does!

father and son enjoying some basketball

mtsu blue raiders

the blue raider (caileb wanted nothing to do with him)

"mom!? another picture... really?

final score 59-49 blue raiders

The Gentry's

The Gentry's